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My first encounter with Electromaax was 10 years ago when I was preparing my C&C 30 for coastal cruising through the Great Lakes and the Caribbean.

A major part of the refit was the energy system to support the boat’s increasingly complicated electronics, autopilot, refrigeration and myriad other electrical requirements.

At the time, I found it difficult to find someone to help me design an effective charging system for the boat, and even when I thought I knew what I wanted, I couldn’t easily source the necessary component from one place, particularly in Canada.

At the time, Electromaax reviewed the electrical needs of the boat, the battery system in place, and supplied a complete alternator, pulley kit, and regulator package that I was able to install myself.  The system provided the performance, value and convenience I was looking for, and I was very pleased the results.

In subsequent projects over the years, I have continued to deal with Electromaax and noticed how rapidly the company was developing their technology and product line to include much more powerful charging capability, highly efficient wind generation and water making capability, and the ability to integrate with emerging electrical storage technologies.

The products are largely Canadian made, and on the engine driven power generation side, have advanced to the point that the main engine in most cruising boats can be cost effectively improved to provide the 200-400+ amp hour capabilities that previously could not be achieved without an auxiliary generator.  Other customers have noticed too, and the company is growing as a result, while maintaining its commitment to research and development and continuously improving its product line.

I believe the most effective electrical systems beginning with end-to-end planning which incorporates an understanding of the systems on the boat, how and where the boat will be used, and an understanding of the costs and efficiencies available in generating and storing the necessary power.  In my new role with Marine Smart Energy Toronto, I am thrilled to be representing Electromaax products and helping customers incorporate them into well-designed marine energy solutions.

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